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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Driving morality

This election is the Democrat's to lose. That is certainly no news to you 4 readers. Here's my running query to those in the "middle" and those hard core Rightards that really should consider turning blue for the 3 minutes it takes behind the curtain on 7Nov...

What type of hubris and arrogance drives a staffer, with purportedly full knowledge of his Bass... errr, boss, to highjack government computers on your time?

What type of flagrant disregard for the Public Trust does it take to give some shit bag a standing ovation for avoiding further prosectution?

What type of blatant disrespect for the Public Trust does it take to continually wear that pedophile smile and thumb his nose at those asking for elected officials and staffers to be solid and right while not attempting to fondle your children while luring them behind the bushes with beer and cigars?

What type of morality is running this Country into the toilet while claiming the moral high ground through so many investigations and cover ups?

What type of despair and feelings of futility drives people to line up children, barely beyond toddler age, in some cases their friends, and shoot them in the friggin head while our leadership is still claiming to help the American people and brainwash the blind followers to think we are winning... winning anything?

Time to hand the responsibility of power for controlling the torch of corruption back to the Democrats to hold for a decade or two.

Tragic is this direction our Country is being held...

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