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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Political expediency or true representation... you decide as the election season approaches

There are 2 very interesting issues that are very polarizing and evoke very passionate followings and debate. First, as promised, the results from the CACR34, defining marriage:
The question was to ITL; 207-125, killed.
Yeas; Buco, Buzzell, Chandler, S.Eaton, King, McCleod, Mears, Merrick, Remick, H. Richardson, Stohl, Tholl.

Nays; Lary, Morneau.

Not voting, Theberge, J. Ward.

Very interesting as you can see many staunch Republican water boys (as it were) for the Right have bowed to the constituent pressure. Maybe for now at least.

The second issue du-jour is the HB1496, right to work union busting bill. This result too is very interesting and I wonder how many of these usual union buster supporters votes would be changed if it were the beginning of the first session and the mills were not in such dire straits. As my Verizon buddy said last P.M. when he stopped by, "We work to a standard, not the clock and some people don't get that". Nice. Thanks Brian, good American work ethic and conscious of quality, safety, local long term job security and good craftsmanship. Now, your roll call. The question was to ITL; 255-85, killed.
Yeas; Buco, Buzzell, Chandler, S. Eaton, King, McCleod, Mears, Merrick, Morneau, Remick, H. Richardson, Stohl, Theberge, Tholl, J. Ward.
Not voting; Lary.

GET ACTIVE !!! GET Informed, you know, all 6 of you.

This is the first time I've ever been in the position of congratulating Chandler for voting the right way.

Hopefully the shock of it will send him into early retirement.
Well it won't give him a heart attack. You need a heart for that to happen. I was surprised by your article but at least you have shown the Righty hack you are the better person. He would never say thanks to you. Hey, it's almost corn roast season...
Ouch - you caught me! I'm honing for an invite this year.

It's rumored that he's going to run for speaker again.
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