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Friday, March 03, 2006

Horse sense

This is just a little shout out to those folks, some of whom belong to the party of which I was formerly affiliated. I got another e-chat last P.M. and early this A.M. concerning my reasons for having left the Dems party. I would have been their candidate and could have had soooo much support. Now only the "promise" of their vote. Nice. I'm good with that encouragement. Well, here's what we have. I shall rip the top offen the can, as it were.

South Dakota ( Mississippi is following suit) is in the middle of taking away your Inalienable Right to Free Will and Choice. These (Inalienable) Rights are Rights applied to individuals and bestowed, as the Founding Fathers suggest, by Divine Providence. Several States have trigger laws infringing and denying you these Rights should Roe v. Wade, and others, becomes past history. My point, I am pro-choice. Get a straight answer on that issue from my opponent.

There are several pieces of legislation here in this State that will make discrimination legal and Constitutinally allowed. I am fully and outspokenly supporting an individuals Rights and ones Freedom to Marry. Ask my opponent for a straight answer here.

I am fully dedicated to properly funding education with a sustainable, objective, equitable, broad based funding system. I will support a system with an income or sales tax, as long as the trigger to this system follows the repeal of the State wide property tax and the subjective, arbitrary view tax. If the numbers give consistent, long term funding, I will support same. Ask my opponent for a striaght answer on his line to education funding.

I fully support election, campaign finance and ballot reform , as long as they include a term limit provision. Both sides bloviate about this crap but neither are willing to give up their precious career seats in politics. I particularly support real ethics laws with teeth. Get a straight answer on these issues from my opponent.

So, if you think I am not the correct candidate for the job based only on the fact that I left the "party", then ask my opponent for a straight answer to any of these. And you can even include those issues which you may disagree with me, like my support for flag protection, the Pledge of Allegiance, my opposition to the UN and support of PERA. Get a straight answer to any of these issues from my opponent.

I am discouraged to think I may be a worse alternative, for my former supposed friends and others, to the Lynch Republican John Gallus,( as outlined on and Dante Scalas blog) simply for the fact that I tell the truth, the facts and give a straight INDEPENDENT answer, albeit with a hot headed passion for the people, a big mouth and $12.72 in my campaign war chest. I'll get this one clean vote at a time.

RISE UP!!! indeed

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