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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

CACR34 discrimination law ITL

Yeah, this is huge and the dreaded ITL has been thrust upon this piece of crap bill, rightly so. The Racist Righties and radical Christian evangelical clerics attempts to legalize discrimination in our own NH Constitution has been defeated. I don't have the numbers yet since this was just givien to me by one very cool, forward thinking, progressive minded Superman State Rep whose initials are D.Scott Merrick, my fave!!! More info will be forthcoming and we will post all bigots here as we get their names. The Freedom to Marry the individual of your choice has won another great step forward and even though I am not gay, I share the exultation of the Gay and Lesbian community and I am very happy for the folks that get so demonized and discriminated against for being who (whom???) they are. As an INDIE, I do feel your pain.

RISE UP indeed!!!

The vote was 207 to 125 - rather a large victory for those who believe in civil rights. NH Freedom to Marry did great work on this.
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