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Monday, March 20, 2006

Bad education policy

Today in the Righty controlled State Senate, the CACR43 is being debated in "public hearing". This thing, in part, states, legisl"CACR43, relating to the cost of education. Providing that the legislature shall determine the content, extent and funding of education". Now there are currently some 14 or so exclusively Righty Senators co-sponsoring this piece of drek. ( how is that the lemmings following the leader over the hill is sad yet carrying H2O for the party leadership is juuuuust fine?) My potential opponent entrenched, Righty leadership understrapper, John Gallus is among said co-conspirators to this bill against our children's education and your input to local control. This CACR43 bill would keep ANY and ALL future debate with regards to education funding and all the criteria surrounding our education system in the inept hands of the current Republican controlled legislature. Need I say... tragic???

This is the same legislature that refuses to properly fund education and further, that refuses to implement a proper funding mechanism for anything in the State, most remarkably education and the future leaders of our great America. This is the same legislature that refuses to properly define not only an adequate eduaction but now has termed the present system as "an equitable" education. Are you freakin kidding me??? Think what you want about why I left the D's but hear this;

George Washington touted funding proper education over ignorance. John Adams reminded us to remember the children and their school houses and teachers. Me, this INDIE, is all about taking the legislature out of any mix other than to simply hand over the funds that the State Ed board (not my faves but that's what we are stuck with now) and the local Communities require. Furthermore allow same Communities and Ed board the complete, unfettered, un-impeded responsibility to have the education of your children in the hands of We the People, not the woefully inept, reticent, semi-licentious legislature.

Now, after you swallow your A.M. bagel cream cheeze and Dunkin Turbo, digest the aformentioned info and GET ACTIVE!!!

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