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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Quick tid bits

Many of you may have heard that Berlin Mayor Bob Danderson is seeking the Righty nod against current sham artist Charlie Bass. Danderson will be no different. He does work, or had worked for, PSNH so this is very possibly one reason PSNH has such good relations and access to elected officials and the never sun setting pole tax exemption for them gets passed.

On the DRED tip, Benson obstructionist appointee and hold over Sean O'Kane is leaving his post and not seeking another nomination to this important state position as Commissioner of DRED. I am quite happy that this useless guy is leaving. He has done nothing to advance the downward trend of this states economy. He did take a few trips abroad however. Among his painfully too few "credits" is the Berlin ATV park. This was a dealio of illicit exchange at best. At worst, it was an outright flout at public trust and input and the elected and appointed officials that oversaw this land deal are, some say, complicit in conflicts of interest and abuse of office if not possible collusion in illegal real estate sales ethics. Berlin Mayor Bob Danderson and Berlin resident and district 1 State Senator and real estate millionaire mogul John Gallus are also involved with this scam. Hmmm, a trend nez-pas??? If I were O'Kane, I would leave that questionable ATV deal off my resume as a considered positive result from his tenure as DRED Boss.

One more note, I didn't hear the Kings speech last P.M. I didn't want to lose dinner. I have heard lots of reports about lots of "strong statements". That's great. It sounds like we have the campaign stump speeches all laid out for the Right for this election cycle. More bloviating blather then no follow through with solution.

Did I say TRAGIC???

Get Active

Bush's speech = SOShit
I failed to mention Kate Sullivans nemesis and secret dream lover Warren Henderson is resigning due to reported "family matters involving ill relatives". I'm thinking maybe, but he was being looked at by the GOP heavy weights as not having sufficient gonads for the job. Speaking of gonads, can we get someone with sufficient toolage to steer the wayward ship on the dems side??? Perhaps Arnie??? If Montana and Washington can get ahead, why are we in this state still under the Righty fist of oppression??? To include our guvnah.

Kate, heal thyself. Retire to Florida with Warren.
It was a great speech, Will. Our fearless leader said "nukular" 3 times, and even brought out an old fave, "freedom on the march."

I was positively inspired by statments like:
"And sometimes it can seem that history is turning in a wide arc, toward an unknown shore."

Did anyone hear Arnie Arneson on the Exchange this morning? She used one of my lines: "Isolationism is the new black."
It sounds like Governor Lynch has asked former DRED commish Geore Bald to take his old job back. Bald left for the Pease somethingorother Authority during the Benson administration. This was probably due in small part to the fact that Benson was such an ass. Anyhooo, Bald is supposed to be a nice guy (our government seems to be full of this type of guy) and is a friend of the North Country. Aren't they all. I'll keep my skeptical good eye on this guy.
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