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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Lynch North Country staffer Benson resigns

It appears that Peter Benson, North Country staffer for Governor Lynch, has resigned. Due to, apparently, a misunderstanding with Benson and some of his Jackson neighbors over Benson breaking up a snow ball fight, Benson thought best to step aside so as not to cause Lynch any problems. Geee, too bad the Right side of the Granite Block House didn't have such integrity.

Anyhooo, it looks like Paul Robitaille, current Gorham Selectman, Coos Country Dems Chief and whom I still consider my bud, may get his step up. Finally. {Then again, I have already been asked by some innocent bystanders to send in my resume and letter of interest. YEAH!!! Right.}

Either way, it appears that Kate has gotten her wish (other than Ray in an edible chocolate thong and his dominatrix gear) and she, Kate, now has a Democrat candidate for NH State Senate district 1. I am not sure that a name like "Benson" on the Dems side of the ballot will get much attention. Hey Susan B, I don't have the Jackson voter list yet. Is Benson a "D"?


Hmmm....I wonder what the scoop is on that snowball fight. I'll have to seek out the knower of all things Jackson, if I'm well enough tomorrow. It's been hell having the plague.
Feel better... I'll look to the South-East late this P.M. to see if the all knowing light is shining from the Jackson Covered Bridge area.
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