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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

A call from an old pal

I got a call from an ageing gentleman last P.M. who has some serious health issues. He made an appointment to see an endocronoligist (???) but had to cancel due to lack of transportation. He will still be charged $450- for his non-visit since his North Country bus ride fell through after the 24 hours appointment cutoff. Anyhooo, his concerns were very well founded in that ;
1) this North Country lacks specialists in certain medical fields and,
2) this lack of medical professionals seriously hampers many facets of daily life for everyone!
He wants me to push this issue as John-show me the special interest green-Gallus has already told the guy to pound sand. Nice. This man is now a huge fan of yours truly.

Here's my/one suggestion to this ongoing lack of medical care here in this North Country and indeed the Granite State. This land mark original idea (maybe) can take care of several problems. I suggest we take the tobacco industry $$$ that we are supposed to use for health and education funding ( a broad requirement at best... read on) and use this windfall to subsidize/forgive health care and teaching professionals student loans to provide an incentive to stay here in this area. This could work very well with the State University system cirriculum. Good idea, perhaps, since the Feds and this State refuse to assist those that will take care of us during illness and teach our future leaders.

Aspiring teachers and health care professionals can certainly use this type of assistance and since "we", our Righty controlled legislature, have not/can't spend the tobacco cash as we are supposed to spend it, this plan can solve many problems this State has been realizing for loe these past many years. This North Country, specifically Coos County, has been outsourcing its progeny for the past decade and Coos is the only County to see a decline in population every year since the late 90's. According to a recent OEP report, we will see a continued growth of population here with the preponderance being well over the age of 50. Cash in health care services and facilities is where we should put the lions share of our cash. When the trend levels out, we will be well positioned with a full slate of new-ish, qualified teachers, ready to take the new kiddies in hand.

Thoughts on this issue??? Couple this along with my support of a broad based funding system and we could very well be on our way to catching up to the 20th century.

I know, 21st, but we are soooo far behind...


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