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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

This guy should run for President

In the Working Society, no one who works full-time will have to raise children in poverty or live in fear that one health emergency or pink slip will put them on the streets. In the Working Society, everyone who works full-time will at last have something to show for it—a home of their own or an account where their savings and paycheck can grow. And in the Working Society, everyone will also be asked to hold up their end of the bargain: to work, to hold off having kids until they are ready, and to do their part for their kids when the time comes.

John Edwards at Tom Paine

See you November 7, 2006 to help take back the Granite Block House's Senate


America First
William J Cowie
for NH State Senate dist 1
1380 Stark Hwy
Stark, NH, 03582-6221

Very Nice!!
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