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Monday, January 02, 2006

Losing business close to home

The recent unfortunate news that Sullivan drug and Groveton drug have closed and sold to Rite Aid brings several facts closer to home realization. These are the most recent, and are by no means the only, home town, local New Hampshire businesses that are falling victim to a losing economic development strategy and corporate written trade legislation. Groveton paper board has announced it will be closing its doors permanently by March 2006 unless a buyer can be found. The defunct Berlin Building Systems was the recipient of many tax payer-bail out dollars, but also closed its doors due in large part to a “tight” market. Fraser papers in Berlin and Gorham are always rumored to be speaking about layoffs, as are several other local paper mills. Bonneville Window of Colebrook, Ethan Allen Furniture, Tillotson glove, North Country ATV and snowmobile, Whitefield Power and Light, Daysprings, Lost Nation Food store, the loss of Airbus to another state, the failed , coincidentally highly politically touted, massive pork grant recipient SRX programs, all unfortunate statistics in this North Country and States’ losing sustainable economic development and conservation program. The North Country is suffering an unemployment rate higher than the National level and almost 2 points higher than the State level. ATV trails parks are great for multi purpose recreational access but seasonal, minimum wage, tourism based service jobs will not help the down turn of this area and stem the emigration of our young people to other, more prosperous parts of the Country.

In the first decade after the inception of NAFTA, the United States reportedly lost 4 million textile and manufacturing jobs. To put this in perspective, a conservative estimate of 3600 of those jobs were in New Hampshire. To put this even more locally for you, over 950 were in this North Country with the death of our businesses being addressed above. These job losses can be directly attributed in part to losing economic development plans and the aforementioned corporate written trade compacts and business legislation in NAFTA, CAFTA and the impending FTAA.

Bureaucracy in trade compacts that don’t allow a small drug store the latitude to find alternative forms of prescription purchase plans for We the People, or a building market that allows modular homes to come into this State while not allowing reciprocal trade, or subsidized paper industries putting our own mills behind the eight ball, is irresponsible at best. At worst it’s the sellout of our US commerce under WTO/UN trade rules. NAFTA was pushed on us in 1994. CAFTA took effect 2Jan2006. The FTAA is highly touted by President Bush and his globalist pals and there are too few courageous elected officials in this State, on any level, that are trying to stem the tide of outsourcing American jobs and making efforts to keep business in your back yard. Tragic. We the People are the true victims here. Let’s put America first.

Yeah, RISE UP!!! 7November2006!!!

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