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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Jon, are you out there???

I fear the VIPER troopers have snatched up stalwart Progressive activist Jon Easton. I have word from credible sources that say Jon is now considered a cell mate to Jose Padilla and is chillin in a concrete hotel room somewhere in Virginia or Maryland. I also have it on good authority that Pat Robertson has confused Jon with Hugo Chavez or Ariel Sharon and forced the Bush Administration Patrot Act Police to have Jon renditioned to the 700 Club HQ. Since the holiday week, Jon has been mystifyingly absent and I am growing concerned. Has Buddah taken you to Valhalla???

Jon, are you out there??? RISE UP my bruthah.

It looks like some people finally got their christmas wish.
I think Jon was just waiting to pounce during the candidate filing period.
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