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Friday, December 23, 2005

My Christmas Sentiment

Yeah, Christmas. I don't pretend to equivocate but I certainly respect others views on this, and as many other subjects that may become politically divisive, as I am made aware. I am saddened by the fact that too many people have either no faith in a higher power of their understanding or worse, hold too much of a faith in their government. Websters definition of faith includes; "firm belief in something for which there is no proof". Websters includes in their definition of belief as: "a state or habit of mind in which trust or confidence is placed in some person or thing". Now I am no English major but how on Earth do folks continually have so much faith in government and hold belief that "IT" will take care of us when there is SOOOO much proof that our government is inherently flawed and blatently corrupt? I speak to both sides of the ailse and don't even get me started on the blind faith in the scumbags at the UN. Nope, no equivocation from me...ever.

I suppose my faith and belief is in God, Country, Family, not always in that order and always interchangeable, and the fact that, from my short experiences in hearing folks on the stump, people really want government to change for wht these same folks belive ifs for the better. It is strange how so many of these people are oblivious, apathetic and complacent to the very government of which so much faith and cash is placed. The people running government try so hard to distance themselves from this sham of an institution. The straight party ticket and the fact that I need 750 permission slips should add to the fact that party and cash run our government. It is supposed to be a Constitutional Republic with guaranteed Rights and access for all not so much of this democratic majority wins and our way or the highway. Change will come only when "WE the PEOPLE" make changes to said discriminatingly morphed institution.

We saw the movement of our government when planes, loaded with fuel and driven by mean people, were slammed into buildings. We then saw the same, albeit tragic, inaction of corrupt and bureaucratic solons, when a few cities got swept into the ocean. I wonder where those folks hold their faith? The time from 4-6 weeks before the election and when buildings and putrid water are smothering Americans is not the time to look to those you hold so much faith and belief that things will change. The sellout of Americans has been going on all year, actually for many decades.

For me it's AMERICA and the people first. Too many have no hope to that higher power of their understanding, but include too much trust, faith, belief, hope in the politicians that we don't understand and don't uphold the Constitution of which they are sworn to uphold and defend. For me this government also includes the corrupt bureaucratic globalists at the UN. I am certainly not trying to persuade you to come to my house and see how I live and hear me explain my faith and spiritual style of life. Although the doors are rarely locked and the coffee is always on. I'd love to have you. I do not trust our government, yes including the UN, and have lost respect in many that run same. I do trust the people.

I guess I don't have a point with all of this bloviating other than have a Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday season and a safe and Happy New Year. If ever "RISE UP" was appropriate, 2006 should be your year to "GET ACTIVE." Here's one more thing, you can put your faith, trust, hope, belief, confidence, in me. I won't lie to you and at least you know where I am at with most things, even though you may not agree. I will not intentionally equivocate. I'll be an outspoken activist for "YOU the PERSON". I extended you the invite to my house. I would indeed love to have you drop by but you may want to call first. I don't know how the cappucino machine works but if Margaret is here, we'll be straight.


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