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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Berlin prison and binezz as usual

I had the pleasure, I guess, to meet our senior Senator Judd Gregg today. It was only by chance. I was clearing a few tools I left on a job from one of 2 women that still owe me bag loads of $$$. I'm thinking litigation but now, on to the rest of my story. I broke the back window in my truck securing my ladder whilst bugging off aforementioned job. Crap. Time to change my schedule for today. I understand we live in a fluid society and I can go with the proverbial flow. Off to Berlin and the glass shop. I figure hey, maybe an oil change since I am heading South this weekend for a couple of meetings and a family (get it over with before) Christmas visit. I then think further, as I am waiting for my rig to get freshened up, hey, I wonder if they printed my latest letter to the editor in the Berlin Daily Sun. Voila, Rose Dodge I love you! Loe and behold on pages 1+3, an announcement of a Berlin visit from our very Judd Gregg at 1300 hz. (That's 1:00P.M. for you flag burners)

Anyhooo, I am glad I was in attendance. It seems there is at least $185M , that's right, appropriated for the Federal prison in Berlin. This is supposed cash already in supposed place. No I didn't shut up and I asked about the cash and yes, Senator Gregg said it was a done dealio. We will have that prison in Berlin breaking ground soon. Gregg alluded to the fact that there were "many environmental issues to overcome". Yeah, blame the need for clean air and clean water guy. Errr, Senator Guy.

There was a fellow Citizen there, that signed one of my nomination papers incedentally, and asked about the $8.17T deficit. Mayor Danderson, whose face could now be seen only due to the fact that Gregg had to adjust his own underwear and Danderson came out for air, tried in earnest to shut this good fellow up. He, Mayor Bob, said this was not a public venue for questions. I wanted to say are you friggin kidding me!!! I uncharacteristically acted State Senatorially (as suggested by sooo many politicos, and by the way, there are alot of fake actors in politics right now so I will be my own-tell it like it stinks-self thank you) and simply replied, "This is exactly the place for questions as the Senator is rarely up this far North". Unlike Dandersons head being sooo far North and rectally attached.

Well suffice it to say, I am home, still waiting for those checks in the mail, still waiting for that window to be fixed, still waiting for the Dems to make some hay over the alleged unethical, shady dealio concerning Gallus, Danderson, Dillon and a few other alleged cohorts in alleged crime, and by the way, the prison will be placed on property currently or formerly owned by the same Dillon of Berlin ATV park fame. Guess who brokered that dealio too!!! By the way again, does anyone know who Charlie Michaels is??? Well, I do. I would think most of the NHDP leadership and the Good Guvnah would know by now too since they were informed of this very alleged shady action as well, from what I understand, from this very same fellow Citizen at this Gregg visit today.

Oh yeah, in case you thought you were going to be able to bring your X-country skis to that "multi recreational use, $2.35M publically funded, park, forget that noise. The "State" put the nix on anything that does not spew bucket loads of noxious fumes. Thank your local Senatorial real estate broker for that one too. That would be where we would insert John Gallus's name!!!
Like I said, binezz as usual.

Now, RISE UP!!!

Good Ole Boy Politics....sickening.
my nomination papers

Nomination papers for what?
It is quite clear that I am not making myself understood about my fierce battle over the dark side and my, and many friends, efforts to get elected as an INDEPENDENT NH State Senator for district 1. I actually thought I was too often self serving and blatantly self promoting, but QUITE CLEARLY, I need to try harder to get my message out there.

I am forced, by this 2 party, obdurate, self serving, establishment legislature, including ring leader Jane Clemons,(see General Court results for HB276 in the first session) to go through bureaucracy and hoops the likes of which would cause one to consider moving to Italy and suffer potential rendition.

Niobium, I must attain at least 750 nomination papers, with registered voters signing same, coordinate same to have certified by respective community supervisors of the list, then persoannlly carry to Sec'y of States office for further scrutiny, all before set expiration periods, just to get permission to get my name on the ballot in the next general election eleven months from now. I am also planning a write-in campaign for the primary. Not a very small task by any means, all things considered. I don't know where you live, but I would be happy to hook up with you and give you a pile of nomination papers so you and your buds can sign same for me if you are all registered NH voters in State Senate district 1.

Sparing that, I would also be mad happy to accept you and your buds modest campaign contribution of not more than $75-, and utilize same to beat Righty John Gallus back into the private sector. Well actually he never left the private sector, he just merged it with his elected political career and is getting crazy job and retirement security from alleged shady business and political practices. Thanks.
Will: I live in Franklin. I would love to contribute, but, as a full time student with no persynal income (besides the pennies I find on the street) I have no funds for which to contribute.
You are already making a contribution by informing yourself. Look for candidates in your area you can support with your time and effort!!

There are always too few people on the side of good.
Well said Jon. Keep up that good fight niobium. Folks like you are the ones that I need to hear from most and being educated about your candidates is the most important thing you can do for yourself and your loved ones!!! Things that concern you will always concern me and I don't know everything ( I am not a Republican). That's what I have good people like you for, to clue me in on things.

Don't hesitate to express your agreement or disagreement with me.The debate here is something we expect and this is the venue for that dialogue. I need that too.

Now, get back to those books and hopefully you can come up here when we really take off with this campaign and you can hang out here for awhile. Lots of door knocking do get done. Good luck and stay well.

I have to admit, I'm not up on local politics as much as I should be. Since I don't subsribe to any papers, nor do I have TV, staying updated is fairly difficult, and I just haven't had the time nor energy to ferret out local political issues.

I came upon your site in attempts to find a blogger(s) who deal with local NH issues, and while yous all do a good job, I need to find someone who focuses more on the Franklin area...if that's possible.
I think Nancy Edwards has a blog. She is from Northwood I think and of the progressive mindset. You might track her down at DFNH. But then again, DFNH is the non-profit 501c3/527 arm of the NHDP so there you go.
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