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Monday, November 28, 2005

Prehistoric Righty goats vs. young up and coming good sense progressive

I found this little gem when I put DFNH back on my faves. ( I am still scared in limbo after my campaign manager and I had the dreaded CHAZ interview-YIKES!!!) It seems old Righty Goats like Gallus and his ilk can perform their public service and be away from their offices, but still make mad cash on the backs of their underlings. Me, if I am not banging nails, I am not getting paid. I am good with that since I sooo want to represent the working peeps. Someone like Representative Scott-Action Superhero- Merrick is on a fixed budget for time, cash, sleep, and all the while avoiding the bad peer pressure from Righty dregs such as John-Budman-Ward and Chris-Bash the old hag up-Doyle. In part:

"These are really volunteer jobs. Period. This is about public service," says state Sen. John Gallus, 62. A Realtor, Gallus works nights and weekends so he can afford to stay in the Senate. (Yeah, thanks Mr. Fair Representative Senator and There for the People;(ed.))

At 20, Rep. Scott Merrick ( did I say wahooo!!!) is the youngest member of either chamber. He divides his time between committee work and classes at Tufts University outside Boston. His parents support him.
"I don't sleep a whole lot. I have to budget my time," says Merrick, a political science major.
Merrick, in his first two-year term, hopes to serve one more before he focuses strictly on studies and making a living.
"I do not regret doing this. The experience has been absolutely amazing. You can't learn this in a classroom," he says.
Even so, Merrick would like to see New Hampshire lawmakers paid enough so more people could participate.

Like Burling, Senate President Ted Gatsas, 55, is wealthy and does not expect to be well-paid. He does not expect legislative pay to increase anytime soon. First, 60 percent of the Legislature would have to approve putting a constitutional amendment on the ballot — which two-thirds of voters then would have to approve. Pay-raise proposals have failed repeatedly over the years.

I hope you get my point. It is not about being well paid but getting the real people in touch with the real people they represent. If more could afford this tawdry binnez of politics, we would not be in the Rgighty shit hole we are in now. The Righty rich retired prehistoric goats have the lock on your State House and further right to the highest levels of gumment and the courts. Did I mention I am still a working stiff and not independently wealthy, just INDEPENDENT???

Read the AP/non-Union Leader story here and DFNH here.

Now, RISE UP!!!

I saw this on AWESOME article!!!

It's about fuckin time that moronic "common sense" and uninformed prejudice STOP maintaining a state legislature made up entirely of independantly wealthy and/or retired people.
The GOP maintains its stranglehold on the NH House by having 400 unpaid members. The working josephines can't afford to run for a "job" like this - which is why the legislature is full of rich, conservative, retired old white people.

In other states with similar populations, there are roughly 150 House seats, and 35 Senate seats. Maine pays reps a stipend of about $10,000 - equivalent to a part time job. Maine residents get the representation of all kinds of people - I know a rep from Aroostoock County who works in a shoe factory.

The GOP has had control of the NH House since the Civil War. They aren't going to let go willingly.

Vote for the guy with the "I" - I for Independent!
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