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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Party boy

This pic is obviously a closed door from a house built before the Civil War. Representative Righty Bill Remick watched the last pieces of siding personally installed on the front during the barrage of cannon fire in the little known Battle of Lancaster. The racist Right flourishes here and Remick is a card carrying member. Bill is the consumate Righty party boy and showed me just where he stands with democracy and ballot access. I had a chance meeting with the Righty Bigot Remick just now at the local McDonalds and ask him polititely to sign one of my required 750 ballot nomination papers. This dickhead said "That would be political suicide for me and you should run as a Republican or Democrat. Work hard and get on the ballot." As I then retrieved a signed petition from Remicks democratic minded pal, I proceeded to tell the Right handed shit bag Remick that I no longer felt any respect for him and his single minded views of democracy. Now you might say that didn't earn me any points but screw it. The likes of Remick, Mears and the rest of the establishment elitist party robots, State Reps that make the rules and keep the alternative, unafilliated from ballot access sickens me. My victory using the truth and the facts and shoe leather will be all the more sweet when I jam those nomination papers in the faces of the obdurate, narrow minded party hacks like Mears and Remick. Yummy. The closed door will be opened and I aim to open that door (nice connection and segue don't you think???) to get some much needed fresh ideas and change to the closed minded occupants of your Granite Block House. Now, more signatures...


I'm sorry that Representative Remick feels that participating in the democratic process would be "political suicide."

If the process of gathering signatures to get on a ballot is so frightening to the GOP, why is it required?
Bill Remick is already on the way out . Him signing your papers won't make a different.
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