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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Oh my aching tax

I have always said I have it alot better than most folks. I am not bragging by any stretch and have been told I am quite humble. I try to be such. I am blessed with a wonderful, hot wife who loves me, great dogs and a very cool cat. We are happy. I like most of my family members, even the confused Righties. I have the best friends in the world. True friends. I have everything I need and mostly everything I want. We live modestly within our means and still get to be altruistic. You know, I do have things pretty good. That being said, here's the rub. I went to bed thursday P.M. knowing my house and property were worth around $58,909-. Not bad for a bunch of wet land, some fire wood for the fire box, and bag loads of critters. Nice. Well friday, I get home from work and loe and behold, my tax bill, and the aforementioned home and property have increased 65%. Now I am no mathologist or scientologist so you do the math. Now $97,180-. Yeah, I hear you. We now have a mortgage where the principal is $336- and the escro for taxes is over $200- per month. Again this happened from the time I went to bed thursday to the time I came home from work the next day. Are you still hearing me??? Holy crap does not do this justice.

I have spoken to many, many, many people on this run to the State Senate for District 1 as an INDEPENDENT (self serving as that pronouncement may have been) and many think I am somebody that has some type of influence. I am NOT!!! I have spoken to many over this past few days here in Gods Country, Stark, and to a person, all the many, many, many people are looking for relief. They are wondering why there is such an outcry for said relief and the legislators are totally dissing their constituents. Here it is. A solution. ( To go along with all the times I just bitch and throw rocks, not unwarrented mind you.) A repeal of the State wide property tax , an overview and reform of the County tax system, to include making the County government redundant, a realistic view tax of some sort, or something similar, that is more objective and fair and finally, get this, a modest 3%-4% across the board income tax. Cap the elderly at the 2000 income rates and cap the kids going to school/college around the same at todays rates. I have yet to hear anyone disagree with this modest, broad based income tax for funding our screwed up, Righty controlled, funding disabled, Granite State. There, it is out there. I have said the unsaidable, (as it were). I would, as a candidate for the people, and elected official representative State Senator to same, entertain a referendum and support a modest income tax to legitimately fund our needed services and programs, while getting rid of all other aformentioned useless, unfair, inadequate tax systems.

Now, I don't want to go to bed again because if I do, I may have to sell and move somewhere not so cool. Can my bruthuhs and sistuhs, can I have an A-men and an A-women???

RISE UP and get out there to help me get elected!!! It will take more than your vote!!!

You slay me.
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