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Thursday, November 17, 2005

The next phase of a losing economic development plan

I suppose it was inevitable. The planned ATV park in Berlin was apporoved for purchase yesterday by the Executive Council. From the anti-Union Leader... in part...

Concord — An all-terrain vehicle park with 7,500 acres in Berlin got the green light yesterday by a unanimous vote of the Executive Council.

The purchase is covered by money from ATV registration fees. Advocates have said no money from general state revenues will be used in its maintenance or development. ( I don't know if I am convinced that user fee funding will last long at all.{ed.})

Councilor Raymond Burton represents the district that includes Berlin. He urged O’Kane to set up a citizens advisory committee similar to those in place for the Nash Stream Tract and the Connecticut Headwaters.

Yeah, I would like on that Committee. I think I'll send an e-chat to Mr. Burton as he has already responded to my concerns about this ATV in your living room plan. I wonder how many seasonal minimum wage jobs this will create and which one Gallus , Danderson and Riviere will apply for?


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