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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Just say no

Yeah, that is one comfy looking bed. The last tate to refuse $$$ from the Feds for abstinance only sex ed is our neighbor Maine. has an article that shows how skewed this type of subjective, tax payer funded "education" can be. In part:

Maine has stepped out of the collection line of states getting federal money to help subsidize sex education, joining California and Pennsylvania in saying, “No, thanks.”

Citing a potential conflict with a 2002 state law that mandates teaching teenagers everything from self-restraint to contraception, Maine declined about $160,000 in federal money for fiscal 2006.

Maine would have had to pitch in about $120,000 had it accepted the federal money, and it would have had to focus sex education programs financed by the money on abstinence exclusively.

The state also refused to allow Heritage of Maine, a nonprofit, abstinence-education group, to put on its programs in Maine public schools. Heritage’s programs, which are financed with a three-year, $1.5 million federal grant, are instead being conducted only in private schools.

Maine’s decision to just say no to the just say no-ers ended seven years of involvement in the federal grant program. The state had previously used the money to fund an ad campaign that encouraged teen abstinence and parental involvement in their children’s choices regarding sex.

My question is why on Earth are my tax $$$ being sent to any type of religious group, even if it is being used to "educate". Here it is, a GRANT is still your $$$. Check the story States abstain from federal sex ed money here. Quite interesting...

Now, who did the decorating in the quaint room in the pic? You know. My Lovely Honey...


Great job on the bedroom!
keep up the good work on crazy gov spending....
Over $8T and counting. Now a trillion is a little more than a brazzillion. I am soo glad the Righty Contract with America is working. By the way, is Newt still thinking about running for the Good Moral Values Right? I suppose his mistress(es)would know for sure.
What I wouldn't give to see WJCowie spread out across that bed... and as Bill O'Rielly would say "at attention!"
Can you sign a nomination paper for me??? That's all it would take. I'll get the pic out of my archives and send it along freak. As for Bill O'Reilly and his party of Righty, in the closet, sexual deviants, well, you don't have to wait to see my pic. The Righties have a site loaded with manwood at attention. Check out Joeshit D. Raggmans website.
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