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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Homophobic bigots vote against Constitutionally protected equal rights

This turns my stomach. Although it is not clear to me as of yet who voted how, the 8-3 vote was cast against granting an individual the freedom to marry, the freedom to protect ones children for present and future health care, life and health insurance access, insurance and parental access issues, and the freedom to be an equally recognized New Hampshire and American Citizen in the eyes of our Right wing, radical extremist Christian cleric driven, gaff government. Tragic isn't the word to describe this disservice. I have noticed the District 1 State Senator John Gallus has been absent during critical voting. I don't know if he was there for this latest stunt. I hope his followers that thought Gallus was their ally are looking to someone else for the future of their Civil Rights. The voter is next November.

The story from the non-Union Leader in part...

The state commission looking at same sex marriage issues rejected the idea of civil unions at its final meeting yesterday.

Commission chairman Rep. Tony Soltani, R-Epsom, said that the civil unions law would really be same-sex marriage by another name.

Yeah Tony, you and and your pals are bigots no matter what the name or how much cheeze wiz you pile on your hate spewing, manure filled agenda.

This is too bad for now but we'll see what the full Legislature wants to do and if the cowardly ITL gets to reign supreme.


This is blatant politicking on the part of the commission. They were appointed by Benson - and quite clearly they had an agenda before they ever had their first hearing.

Jack Barnes admitted when he called for a constitutional amendment that it wasn't likely to even get out of committee. NH voters are very suspicious of constitutional amendments - and this would create a whole lot of ugliness that the GOP might not want to unearth, given how badly they are faring around the nation.

The commission was a sham -

Ed Butler, a Hart's Location resident who was on the commission is going to be a guest on Arnie Arneson's radio show this week, and NHPBS on Monday. Keep an eye/ear out - Ed rocks.
Texas has passed a State Constitutional amendment banning same sex marriage yesterday. I didn't expect anything less from the square state and prime producer of progeny to the Right wing, radical evangelical clerics.
Ah, but Maine voted against repealing their gay rights law, despite all the money the right poured into their loathsome campaign. Yay Maine!
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