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Friday, November 04, 2005

Aunty Denise.

Here we go. I ask a little latitude here from you regular readers of this truth tome. It has been a while since I posted some bloviating blather. I will try to be as brief as possible because quite frankly, Aunty Denise and her corrupt Right wing spinmeisters tend to give me palpatations. Dad had 3 heart attacks so I am growing quite clearly (heh-heh) concerned. This little gem from me today is to address issues that my Aunt won't stop busting my baggetts about. First being Able Danger. Now Denise, keep in mind I obtain my research and education from as wide a breadth as could possibly be realized; Sirota, John Birch Society, American Progress, the list is endless, but mostly from the peeps on the street. I do not want to have Anne Coulters or Michael Moores children. They do their respective audiences a fair amount of disservice. But then they are making $$$ hand over Frist, er... fist. Also keep in mind, I am INDEPENDENT. I have yet to hear from a Bircher that they have a problem with my bashing the Right or being pro-choice and pro-Freedom to Marry. I cannot make that same inference about my "freinds" from the Left. Keep your freinds closer, nes-paz???

Anyhooo, the point. Able Danger is this covert CIA operation that, from what we know, operated as far back as the Clinton Administration. This is just another name for another CIA ops team.
I will link my Aunty Denise to this story... there are more but this will do here.
"Able Danger & 9/11 Foreknowledge"... ... read the whole thing.

Secondly, Sandy Burger was no more instrumental with causing this illegal lie of an Iraq war, by stuffing documents down his pants, than Watergate caused a flood of ethical politicians to force integrity back into gumment. If indeed there ever was integrity in gumment. It has been said that where there is political fortune, there is a foundation of crime. Indeed true for both sides of the 2 party establishment controlled political world.

Third, coverup and corruption and treason are something I am confused about you misunderstanding. At least from your viepoint, Aunt Denise, these are something that Reagan never broached. Reagan never took his coat off in the Oval Office not because he respected the room so much but he didn't know where the coat rack was. Keep in mind, I still love the guy. You, Denise, still have yet to respond to my guiding you to the US Constitution and impeachment and the definitions to the aforementioned terms. If you had taken the time to look them up, you would be steamed about how your Righty leadership, on all levels, is treating you and the White House. Knee bending be damned in the Oval Office, this is about killing oodles of innocent people, (many of which are Americans) buying and selling the Presidency and SCOTUS appointments, gerry mandering, etc, etc., etc.... Many of the dead and maimed Americans are from your own State Guard units and your nephew, Jim, could very well be on his way at anytime. Americans, hoo-ah. But then again, dear Aunt, I had to give you the name of your own Congressman, how much truth do you really want to be apprised of?

So to rap up here, ( I know, whew, finally) I hope I have assuaged my beloved Aunt Denise and her insistance that the pathetically castrated, chronically (happily???) losing, non-able to work positively, minority Dems has anything to do with progress in our lives today. The Right wing, nut jobs, {and I include Lieberman, the DLC, DCCC, and the rest of their ilk, in with these Righties}, have control of every level of government, especially on the National level. Denise, do your research and stop hanging on every word from Millikin, Hannitty, Limbaugh and Savage, as a golden piece of gospel eminated from the ass of the omnipotent racist white guy in the sky.

Oh one other thing, check out Scooters latest book "The Apprentice". That one shows just how deviant and corrupt your Righty gods really base their good moral values.

Tragic. We the disengaged, disenfranchised, exploited American peeps. It's your Government.


I bet Susan B. doesn't talk to her aunt like that.
Why do you hate freedom Willy? Why do you hate democracy?
I just hate the Radical Right wing Christian clerics and pols redefining Patriotism, Freedom and Democracy to fit their narrow, obdurate, short sighted, pragmatic views and agenda. I'll put my 8 years of military service up against any Right wing radical Christian cleric anyday. Freedom indeed...
Without totally uninformed voters like your aunt Bush would not have been able to even get close to being elected.

Our side relies on people being educated, informed, and holding their politicians [democrat and republican] accoutable. Their side REQUIRES ignorance.

I disagree with intelligent and informed republican... But I pity people like your aunt even as I am furious at the pain and suffering that results as a direct result of their actions.

It is unfair that feeble minded people like her are unprotected from having their ignorance exploited. But it is also unfair that so many are dead because her and others like her are idiots.
Also... I like michael moore alot. I consider him a little conservative and good ole boyish, but general a kind and good man.
I did like, alot, Moores 9/11 documentary. I'll check out your link.

RISE UP!!! Denise. The more you learn, the more you will see how wrong the Right has been. I'll see you next month after my political gig in Wakefield. smooch
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