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Monday, November 21, 2005

ATV Berlin trails hearing

Paul Gray from the Bureau of Trails contacted me with the first of several scheduled public hearings on the Berlin ATV/multi recreatonal trails system. This project is proposed to be finalized early Jan2006. The powers that be are looking for more input from all groups that wish to have a few miles of trail to enjoy. The first of these hearings will be 29Nov2005 at the Berlin City Hall, 1830 hz (that's 6:30 PM for you non-vets). From the info I have, there have been plans to include mountain bike routes, pedestrian /hiking trails, X-country skiing trails/mushing trails and of course, the snow mobile and ATV crowd has been taken care of very well. I guess this is a good thing for Senator Gallus since so many up here vote with their heads in their trail access. I did note that the Righty shill Salmon Press included a Gallus press release this past week in all of their papers concerning this trail system. Tragic.

I do hope I am not the only sensible non-smoker attending this series of hearings.


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