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Thursday, October 27, 2005

"So what if the planet fails, let’s save the “great white males”."

Ten NH Senators Vote Against A Healthy Environment.

Ten of our NH Senators voted against the health of their constituents. Results of Granite State Conservation Voters Alliance Mid-Term Conservation Scorecard for the NH State Senate 2005 show that they have a rating of 0-25 in voting for protection of New Hampshire's environment. If their constituents knew, wouldn't they wonder why. Why don't you ask them?
Robert Boyce, District 4, Alton Bay Peter Bragdon, District 11, Milford
Robert Clegg, District 14, Hudson Thomas Eaton, District 10, Keene
Robert Flanders, District 7, Antrim John Gallus, District 1, Berlin
Carl Johnson, District 2, Meredith Joseph Kenney, District 3, Union
Charles Morse, District 22, Salem Sheila Roberge, District 9, Bedford



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