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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Same Sex Commission bigots issue report

Yeah this stinks out loud but I do believe the outcome was not unexpected. This message from NHFTMC says it all...

NHFTMC Denounces recommendation of Constitutional Amendment to ban marriage equality for the purpose of politicking

Today New Hampshire's 'Commission to study all aspects of same sex civil marriage and the legal equivalents thereof" voted to recommend a Constitutional Amendment defining marriage has one man and one women to the NH General Court.
Senator Jack Barnes made a motion seconded by Russ Prescott (watch out next cycle Maggie. I will see you in court) to recommend to the legislature that they pass on to the voters a constitutional Amendment defining marriage as only between one man and one woman.
Barnes, speaking to the motion acknowledged that the amendment will not get out of the Senate and does not have much of a chance for success in he House but he wanted each legislator to have to take a public stand for the November elections.

The blatant use of this issue for politicking is shameful, and has no place in New Hampshire.
This commission was stacked from the beginning; a majority of the appointed elected officials have clear anti-gay voting records and more than one public appointee has ties to the radical right. It has brought nothing but shame and embarrassment to the NH general court, they have been criticized by their colleagues in the house and senate and been publicly ridiculed repeatedly in the press. That they set aside the months of public testimony, last month's nationally recognized expert testimony and their responsibilities as commissioners to promote their radical agenda is no surprise.

Hundreds of New Hampshire citizens came forward and told stories of the harm done by not having legal rights and responsibilities of marriage. Stories told through tears of not being allowed to be by a dying spouse's side in hospitals because they are not legally recognized as Next of kin" even after decades of sharing a loving and committed relationship.

There are thousands of families in NH that are being denied the ability to cover spouses and children under their family's health insurance policies; and children that go without health insurance even though there is a loving parent that wants to be responsible. These families endure hardships and financial burdens; they live with the fear that they are one illness or accident away from a nightmare because the state refuses to allow them to choose whom to marry.
Those voting to endorse a constitutional amendment are: Sen. Jack Barnes, Rep. Paul Brassard, Commission Vice Chair Scott Earnshaw, Jack Fredyma, Commission Clerk Rep. Maureen Mooney and Chair Rep. Tony Soltani. (Our way or the hiway)
Those opposing the Barnes motion are: Ray Buckley, Ed Butler, Sen. Martha Fuller Clark and Rep. Jim McKay.

Senators Odell and Gallus were both absent.(Hmmm, possibly planning the gaming legislation attack??? Oooor, a smear campaign against Ray Burton!!!) Alt member Rep. Steve Vaillancourt was not eligible to vote. ( Previously, Vallaincourt has expressed his concerns for Government intrusion and involvement in such personal, individual Rights and Liberties)

The mission of NH Freedom to Marry Coalition is to successfully advocate for the passage of legislation that will provide marriage equality.

Check out the site;


Disgusting. This is blatant GOP political whoring to the basest part of their base.
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