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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Lynch, the Right wing clown

This is something I have been saying since Centrist DLC posterboy, and semi-very small d, John Lynch was running for governor under the thinly veiled guise of the "D" party. This guy stinks out loud. I got a quick quote for you to show you hard working dems what your guvnah is doing to you and anyone you put up to the polls as a candidate next cycle. Maybe the Right will put him on their side of the ballot and Lynch won't have to hide the truth next time...
From the Monitor...

"Here's Lynch, a Democrat from Hopkinton, describing Clegg to a crowd of local police officers: "He's not only a leader in the Hudson community, but he's really a leader for all of us in New Hampshire."

Now , this aforementioned quote is from a story in the Concord Monitor but I have heard Lynch has been praising the Righties until his back creaks.Touting the likes of Gallus, Clegg, Morse and Green, to name a few, and all of their "best Senator in theNorth Country" shit since Jerry ran against Herr Gallus last cycle and most recently up here a few months back. This guy that was put in office by no small effort on the part of the "D" party, is making a mockery of his supporters. I think he deserves a trip back to the furniture shop next term. He is clearly only marginally less worse than the last Righty millionaire in the corner office. What a sellout party hack.

SMARTEN UP and GET ACTIVE for real integrity and representation

Clegg is the Prince of Darkness, for cryin out loud. Nice of Lynch to praise all the rotten apples who took money from CMI for SB458/HB90.

Lynch gets nothing from me.
I don't get why he would go out of his way to praise them. I can understand if he wants to try to put partisan politics aside. This, however, is going far beyond that. And people wonder why the democratic party appears to have no backbone...
Benson was so horrible that I find less worse things in my cat's litter box. I was through with Lynch when he came out against gay marriage. Now if we can just find a challenger for the primary he might be beatable. I figure about half of his support comes from republicans who can't vote in the primary.
They can write in any candidate they choose Jon. That being said, I don't remember Lynch publically endorsing anyone on the Left last cycle, except MAYBE Burling.

I'm about fed up with the Dems with any inkling of influence, heaping kudos and gladhanding the Right wingnut jobs. Bipartisanship is one thing, as Rep Merrick alludes to, but this Lynch constantly shilling for the Radical Racist Righty politicians and candidates is ridiculous.
Speaking of the cat box...
Let's face it what we really all are bitching about is we would like to see some leadership... even if it isn't totally progressive... There is nothing leader-like in this kind of careful political posturing.
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