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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Keep Investigating, Fitz

Back in the 20th century, when born-again prosecutor Ken Starr was industriously probing into every nook and cranny of the Clinton administration, it was a very, very big deal to the Republicans that President Clinton committed perjury in his testimony about—well, you know what it was about. Now, of course, we are about to be treated to a chorus of Republicans saying that it really isn’t a big deal at all that Karl Rove, the Scooter and who-knows-who-else in the Bush administration might have lied under oath about the outing of Valerie Wilson.

This article from TomPaine's Robert Dreyfuss is worth the read.

"My only enemy is right-wing religious fundamentalism."
Jan1999-President Bill Clinton

They are indeed the enemy of us all Bubba... (ed.)


Hey, who is that gorgeous couple?
That is the lovely Margaret Cowie and her husband.
Will, I don't think it is a wise decision for you to be hanging around with women half your age....
Wow. That hurt my last feeling. I figure my betrothed female hotty on the campaign trial beats a serial diddler any day.

Well as for the distinguished looking rug, I had a full head of brown hair before I started my run last cycle as a Dem. I'm thinking of a holistic hair coloring approach using boiled potato skins, and perhaps some moss and brown mushrooms I have growing in my swamp out back.
I posted about Evan Bayh today.
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