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Saturday, October 08, 2005

I just want someone to read what I wrote

OK, so I posted this really long reply that took me like an hour to write on the DFNH web site. I’m linking to it here because I want someone to read it and tell me I’m not crazy. I usually like the stuff on DFNH’s site, but this got under my skin. I’ll probably be mis-quoted some day and called an anarchist or anti-semitic, but such is life. What do you all think? Other than I am a pathetic hack with nothing to do on a rainy Saturday night. (It's not my fault, every book store I went to was out of Kurt Vonnegut's new book)


WoW! Ken take the blinders off. American's aren't "afraid" of ideology they WANT and NEED it. As electoral politics have shown people identify with ideologies NOT with issues. It is only POLITICIANS who hate ideology because they want to be free to do whatever they want and don't want to answer to anyone.

How can anybody living in Bush american even propose such an idea. America's so called fear of ideology hasn't stopped the corperate republicans under gingrinch or the ring wing religious repulicans under Bush jr from kicking democratic ass all across the board...

This stuck in the 60's stay away from the peacnik tripe is something I would expect from a conservative talking head a la David Brooks. It seems... like bizarro world to have it here on DFNH. Perhaps Ken should read a newspaper.. around 60% of people are against the war. Hardly pot smoking, bra burning hippies. Cindy Sheehan is not abbie hoffman not matter what Rush, O Rielly, or Ken would like us to think.

I also thought it was funny [as in ignorant] that Ken says the reason hatred of bush is not translating into democratic gains is because progressive focus only on hating bush. Progressives [which Ken obviously isn't] have been saying for years that hatred of Bush WILL NOT translate into Democratic victory UNLESS democrats TAKE A STAND against him! Unless they embrace an opposition "world view" that firmly puts thems at odds with their "world view".

It hilarious when people put up arguments to distance themselves from ideas and passion as a way of [choke with laughter] winning electoins. This are almost ALWAYS done by democrats who are scared of the progressive and grassroots movement and what their "ideology" to maintain sway over the party. Why is would be here on DFNH is staggeringly baffling. Did the fuddy duddies take control of the helm or something?

And Nancy you should actually bother to read the daily Kos before you link to it. That post was specifically about a group ANSWER... not the whole protest. here is a quote.

Update [2005-9-26 3:21:0 by TocqueDeville]: I just want to reiterate that the events on the ANSWER stage in no way negate the important efforts of those who took to the streets and marched. It is my hope that long after the memory of ANSWER is forgotten, the power of what you folks did will still be rippling out into the zeitgeist making change. I was unable to attend the march but as a citizen of the world and an American, I am greatful for your hard work and sacrifice. It is the value of your efforts that made me so upset with the con artist at ANSWER.

Susi you are braver than me to read through all this crap. Ken don't quit your job with the weekly standard.
By the way, I probably could qualify as some screaming leftie hippie, but he says that like its a BAD thing.
By the way, was there music at Woodstock?
No, Susi, sorry, you will not qualify as a hippie! (Said with love.) You are a good, down to earth NH liberal Democrat who has amazing courage.
I have taken my stand by organizing a peace rally in my town of Northwood. The stand is a moral one in my case, I believe that war is only acceptable in defense of one's country when attacked, and that the proof has to be as close to absolute as possible. I believe that Congress has no right to abdicate their responsibility to declare war if defense of the country is cited.
And I want my grandchildren to have half a chance, so I need to do whatever I can to let my fellow citizens know that there are some of us who will not buy this war.
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