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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Bored at the board meeting

I love these venues because there really are not many places better than this to get educated about your government and its nuts and bolts. That being said, I was the ONLY regular citizen at last P.M.'s Coos County planning board meeting. It was a yawner. However, keep this in mind all of you supposed environmentalists and disenfranchized occassional voters...
The Fish and Game, along with the assistance from a few UNH County Extension folks and some private property owners from the UIP's, are in the process of "updating" the topo maps that will include set backs from waterways and wild life areas. Fish and Game Fact man intimated his intention was not to change current zoning but to give the board facts about certain Fish and Game type stuff.

Keep this in mind also, the other people at the meeting, board members not withstanding, were members of the logging community, (5) a field representative from the Fish and Game (read another logger) the inside man from Fish and Game (Mr. Facts) one gentleman from AMC, a reporter and one property owner who stayed briefly and whom purchased a piece of property from another guy out of the logger camp. He did pay a $125.07 for his permit. Cash no less.

My point here is this, how the #%@# do you think you can have input at any level of government only at the final public hearing for changes to the environment like the drastic warping and redacting of facts that occurred last night, if you don't get your ever weeping, frighteningly complacent, apathetic, disengaged other than to your recliner, lazy ass to regular public meetings??? The final public review hearing is too late. I'm waiting for your excuse!!! Right, you can't give me one. If you don't get involved in the yawners that take place almost DAILY, in your regular government business, then just complain the day after the election cycle dust is clearing, stop complaining. That's it. I won't waste my time telling you to contact me, Jon or Susan B for regular venues to attend because I see the frivolousness of that pronouncement.

Here's one more thing, I'm chagrined, yet encouraged, by the fact that so many of my supposed "friends" from the D party have decided I now have a toxic, contagious disease. Nice. At least I can sleep with a clear conscience. I guess at least I can now see the true colors of the blue party of inclusion. Hey Kate and Nickster, let me know when that moving van pulls up for your move to Kansas.


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