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Friday, April 08, 2005

Wild life watch.

Recently 2 deer were found in upper state New York that had contracted CWD, or Chronic Wasting Disease. This is a close cousin to BSE, or Bovine Spongiform Encephalopothy which is also related to CJD, or Creutzfeld Jacob Disease. All 3 are related and all 3 are fatal. Vermont Guvnah Jim Douglass has taken a proactive stance on this and already has named a committee to look into this thing should more deer and wildlife roam over the border and are discovered to have contracted any rare disease. There has not been a direct link to these diseases from animals to humans yet publically announced, but a small handful of hunters out left have died from one form or another of this wasting disease after purportedly eating game tainted with CWD. Not all of them have died in the same location and are not apparently related in any way. I'm sure there will be some connection made as research continues and the beef industry lightens up on lawmakers to keep any findings from reaching the public domain. After all, ranchers out left on BLM land are forever fighting to kill buffalo that "share" grazing with domestic cattle and brucellosis has not yet been found to have a direct connection to beef cattle from wild animals but that won't stop ranchers from blasting a bison. New Hampshire still innoculates cows for brucellosis as of last year. If a direct connection was publicized from any of these maladies to a human being, there would be very upset hunters, ranchers and abbittoir owners. Also steak lovers like me. Anyhooo, time to get back to buying from the farmers gate.

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