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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Vote for the shed.

The first edition of the Liberal Patriot Newsletter hit the streets yesterday and early public opinion is it will be an excellent tool for informing the electorate and great for free media. You 14 regular readers of this particular media outlet in the blogoshere are in for a treat. There is a column in the newsletter penned, (mostly) by this semi-novice blogologist called "Takin' 'Em To The Woodshed". A run down of vital local and state political dish. Towards the end of the column I do indeed take a straying Lefty to the shed for a strightening out session. This is where you come in. I want your votes for the next recipient of a round trip ticket to the woodshed!!! We'll keep a count of your candidates during the time in between printings and let you know the ongoing progress and the results will be announced in the next newsletter. You can vote for any peoples party figure you want and I do have a few suggestions already. {Incedentally, being as I am one of the keepers of the key to this particular piece of free press and free speech, I may not allow you to vote me into the wood shed. If you feel the need to send me there, start your own blog} If you actually read this thing you could probably figure out my current potential wood shed recipients. My best bud Susan B won't argue with my next choice I'm sure as she was instrumental in my noticing the last straying party dog. Sooo, get your choices in for the next errant party solon or committee chair/party hack and they just might catch the wrath of the Liberal Patriot readership. Now GET ACTIVE!!!

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