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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Tentative action schedule...

Lots of opportunities to get plugged in and take advantage of coordination meetings and training at the local and state levels. This is a quick rundown of a few meetings coming up.

A fairly new idea on the block is taking off with great enthusiasm. The New Hampshire Young Democrats will be meeting at the Barley House, 132 Main street, Concord on 12April 2005 at 7:30pm. Contact for this event for young up and comers in the party is President of the NHYoung Dems Amanda Grady, or Johanna Voss, new field director for NHDP . Don't mention my name and I'm sure they will give you the time of day.

The Carroll County Dems will hold their regular monthly meeting at Merlinos Steak House (mmmm- steak) in North Conway on 18April with optional dinner and pre-meeting shmoozing, 5:30 and business at 7:00. A special guest will be speaking to the crowd that recently arrived from performing his duties protectiong our Nation against all enemies, foreign and domestic. An American Iraq war vet will give us the real dealio on the stuff that is making heros. For more info contact newly elected NHDP secretary and Carroll County Dem Chairgal, Dorothy Solomon,

The Coos County Dems monthly meeting will be held at the Lancaster Town Hall on 24April 2005, and will have caucus elections for new Lancater town chair. Bob Fink wants to stay in the pasture and ride his cows and milk a few horses. Thanks for all your years of wisdom Bob now don't get too groughy in your twilight years. County platform will continue to be worked on and I hope adopted after long hours of thought and crafting from the platform committee. This is a great opportunity to take advantage of some real, nuts and bolts planning and party participation. Contact Coos County Dem Boss Paul Robitaille .

Another chance to really stay active and see the State Party Heads earn their pay is the mid-term convention. Again this is a trip to the Rundlett Middle School in Concord on 7May 2005. Meet some real life party heads and rub elbows with a few that need more strokes than a lap dog. This is the place to network and share ideas with working groups around the state. I'm am sure at least some of the state party officials will attend since they live down the street from the school. The local bailiwick always gets the attention. Anyhooo, I'm not bitter, can you tell? Contact Abbe Ross for more info. Invitations are poda be limited but I'm thinking if you want to go, let me or the County party folks know and you'll get the much coveted invite.

Lastly, (whew) is probably the most important appointment you could make. The New Hampshire Citizens Alliance, will be holding a Strategy and Framing training in youm guessed it, Concord on 4 June 2005. The location is as of yet not solid but more info from your contact e-mail above and I'll try and keeop you updated. This is very good training for hopeful candidates, activists and semi-professional blogologists. Lots of good people at the NHCA and a plethora of good info to be had from the experience there. Have a great day. Peace out!!! GET ACTIVE!!!

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