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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Supplemental pork

I don't have $82B, thats eighty two freekin billion dollars, under the matress. This is now becoming apparent in Washington and now the "Emergency Supplemental"war time funding bill is beginning to look like a few pols are peeking under matresses all over town for more funds for projects like waste water treatment plants, metal art structures, census reports and all kinds of other projects vital to the war effort. First, the emergency supplemental was created for, well, emergencies. I don't think the census is a surprise to anyone since it is scheduled every ten or so years. The war could be considered an emergency and if a few more $$$ are thrown at it to get some of my freinds home a bit faster then, fine, I won't argue about how illegal the war is in the first place. But now, to stack on pork projects onto this supplemental package is crazy. Where is the fiscal responsibility here? Is the current political air being controlled by the fiscally conservative Righty majority? Not with our own Prince of Pork Charlie Bass. This guy asked for about a gazillion bucks , or maybe a trazillion bucks , for some sort of Portsmouth based Righty think tank to look at infrastructure that was funded at a rate of $113M, when the President asked for $24M. Tragic. Thanks Charlie. Good for the elderly tax base here in Cow Hampshire. I think my point here is that the rules do tend to change depending on who is running the show. Or more like bad comedy act. Every eye is focused at every move the Dems make and scrutiny is the word of the day. Righty adage is it is easier to ask forgiveness than to ask for permission. No matter what level of government they pollute. Tragic indeed. GET ACTIVE!!!

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