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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Steaming hot update.

You will not get speedier service from Jiffy Lube. This came off the floor before the echo stopped ringing in the House bathroom. I heard it too. The minimum wage increase, HB665, passed the House by around 197-157. It now goes across the hall next week and then to finance. A big win for the hard working down trodden.

The important HB90 is now being debated and is meeting some resistance by Lobby Funded Legislators. I really hope they make some stiff rules on this type of philandering with special interest harlots and their whorritry ( or is it ho-itry?). Like SB458 calls a race track, not a race track, special interest money funding legislators is called graft and bribery. Hmmm. More on this debating semantics action as it happens.

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