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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Starters and the entree.

This biscuit is so hot I'm burning my 2 fingers off blazing the keyboard. If you got this before me, your spy sent it with his Blackberry. Here is the starter.

HB1, the honkin State bugdet bill, will need an amendment to add another $23M, that's twenty three freekin million balloons, just to meet anticipated essential funding requirements. It seems some of the County heads had their heads in their chandler and gave some dubious anticipated revenue figures. This bill hits the lower House floor tomorrow and will be beaten more than a party pinata. I'll get you what I can tomorrow but I have to work to buy dog food to feed the kids.

The main entree... Big D party go to guy and our team leader in the House Judiciary Bernie- I ain't takin prizznors- Buzzell, D-Berlin, will be on the floor speaking to, get this, suspected improprieties concerning an additional $20M-$40M, thats twenty million to forty million freekin balloons, in another shortfall from HHS. Can you say corruption and Righty ethical improprieties? You should be able to since we have this crap up to our peepers daily. I don't know too much about politics but I'm thinking this guy, HHS Commish John Stephen, really has his head in his chandler. Where did he learn math??? How does he run his shop??? This chile was surely left with his head in his behind. Stephen is an obstructionist holdover from the failed Benson monarchy.

Buzzell along with Dems head manager Jim Craig will be taking the HB691 medicaid funding bill and speaking to more than just the continued shortfalls mysteriously being strategically placed, err,discovered. One issue raised by both sides of the aisle is the fact that the independent management portion of the State run medicaid case management is losing an average of $3M, that's three freekin million tacos, per year since its inception from 2001. It appears that this savings plan (!!!) was instituted by former HHS Commish and current Crotched Mountain Health CEO... well, I'll let the indictment speak for itself. I am not at liberty to divulge names since dude may leave town with approximately $3M,that's... you get the idea. HB691 is another contentious bill getting run through the paces tomorrow. Noone is happy about any of this and the Feds will be busy spinning heads trying to catch up with all the accepted future plea bargains and rats flipping on their former buds. Incedentally, all aformentioned facts are alleged. You know.

On more for Buzzell. I said it before. If it has health services or medicaid attached, Representative Buzzell is the man. I have no doubt that as soon as Lynch stops reaching across the aisle packing important appointments to ungrateful Righties, Bernie is the pick to replace Stephen. If nothing else, at least we'll have a guy that won't use fuzzy math and has no sights on the corner office. Now where did I hear that before? RISE UP!!!

Stephen's background is law enforcement - he was a prosecutor. Before DHHS, he was the asst. commissioner of Safety. He has absolutely no qualifications for a job in Health and Human Services, other than being an ambitious little pri....punk. His second in command, Nick Toumpas has a tech background. Again - no qualifications for the job he's doing.

When Stephen appears with his entourage - there's always something missing. WOMEN.

He's gearing up for another run at higher office. He's also pretty easy to ruffle, and he's sensitive about his height. He did not appreciate this female 6 footer towering over him.
My goodness. A vertically challenged fellow needing to make up in mouth what he lacks in brains and height. This guy is a pri...punk. I would hate to see Lynch give this guy Stephen the AG job since the guvnah hasn't officially announced Ayotte can keep the spot for another year. Lynch must be aware that even Ayotte used to work on Bensons original campaign? This sharing and caring across the aisle crap is making me sick. Blechchchch.
I am weak on the local stuff as you guys know, but all that I am hearing about Lynch, praise from the DLC, appointing righties to posts in the state government... this will all come back to bite him.

Republicans don't accept anything but unconditional surrender. They will take Lynch's handouts, plot against him, use his conservatism against him with his own party, and then smear him with their own people. This appointment tokenism of righties is only going to mean that he is going to find that he is surrounded by enemies.

Bi-partisanship is bullSHIP if you are betraying the people you are supposed to be representing. We send politicians to fight for us not make nice and play footsy.
Jon - you're absolutely correct. They will use it against him. I'm not impressed with Lynch at all. He's better than Benson - but that's not reaching very high.

Reaching across the aisle, and working together is one thing - as the late Paul Wellstone proved. Pandering and selling out is another story.
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