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Monday, April 18, 2005

Stark raving development

It appears that one of the locals that have made Stark the gravel pit capitol of the planet wants to cut up one of his parcels and sell to some unsuspecting Flatlanders. ( Hey, I was an unsuspecting Flatlander. Now I'm an unsuspeting former DemocraPtic loser candidate)Harley Mason has announced his plans to develop an approximate 110 acre piece up past Percy and include rights of way for ATV and snow machine trails. He aleardy cut the property some time ago. That's great. He however did not, and does not think he should, be pigeon holed to include new and updated flood and drainage plans and a properly prepared road bed. This guy has a huge problem accepting local, State and Federal guidelines and requirements as far as anything he wishes to accomplish for the "betterment of the community" but hear this. He is imposing a laundry list of covenants and provisions that are attached to the new home owners deeds. Nice. Problem with rules unless he is the one to infringe on ones own Freedoms to pursue happiness, privacy, etc, etc.... Harley and his graceful skidders and slashers are the cause of the constant mess the State and Town of Northumberland have tried diligently to remidy up behind Dupuis near Perras. Big confusion and flooding and drainage problems there. Take a ride by during a rainy day if you missed the messes from the melt off and ice. Thanks Harley. I'm sure the old gals living down from your new development will be glad to don their skates and get their mail in the ice path you are going to create for them. That is if they can afford to stay in Stark after your flashy $280,000 4 bedroom camps you're going to build.

There had been talk last year that Stark was (and still remains) a back up location for the Tamworth race track. No local planning and zoning to speak of except developers coventants and it's easy pickins for the bulldozers. White Mountain motors was an interested party in this venture and I think we have not heard the last of this issue. Get on Gallus and tell him you pay his salary, not the ATV/ motocross lobby. SB121 ( now in the lower House) and HB90( now in the Senate) are big deals with this type of excavation and "development".

Stark planning board is meeting 28April2005 at 7:00p.m. at the Town Hall to hear public sentiment and abbutter comment, and see any revised sight plans. Colin Sutherland is the surveyor. Planning board members, including yours truly, are meeting with some Groveton planning board members to get an education in their mistakes. See you at the meeting.

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