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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Solid American Resolution

After many bills of this nature have failed to hit the floor, one piece of excellent legislation in the form of a non-binding resolution is HCR-8. This urges Congress to hold a moratorium on any future international trade agreements and to review all current agreements and those on the table awaiting ratification. It also searches for terms that are in the best interest of the State and Country as whole sovereign entities. This should help the ball to start rolling and to stem unconstitutional trade compacts between and with UN sanctioned trade rules. The Free Trade Area of the Americas ( FTAA-my favorite compact to hate) the NAFTA, CAFTA, Law of the Sea Treaty, (LOST) and WTO are just a few of the treaties and compacts that Congress and our Co-Presidents are supporting with the hope that we the people don't catch on that we soon will not be legislating our own Country, State and communities. Talk about gumment intrusion!!! HCR-8 has passed the House and is currently in the Senate Internal Affairs Committee.

The Senate will be looking to re-ratify the WTO agreement this summer. The NAFTA agreement of 1994 was pushed through with much pressure from Congress to then President Clinton and Speaker Gingrich. This has proven devastating to our job market and has made our textile industry nonexistent. One unfortunate consequence of the proposed FTAA will be that we will be forced to work with 34 mostly third world countries that include anti-American activists and Marxist Commy leaders as Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro and Lula DaSilva. Mr' DaSilva runs Brazil which openly sanctions their police forces to quell anti-government dissention with murderous massacres.

All in all, this HCR-8 is a forward thinking resolution letting Congress know we want to keep America in our own semi-responsible hands.


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