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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Slow day.

It looks like our Citizen Legislature had a fairly slow day and not a very exciting session. They wrapped up binezz at around 12ish. Crap!!! No fireworks, no Righty wrestling, no weeping about bad parking spaces. Too bad. On an even lighter note, I am pleased to announce a few additions to our semi-novice blogologist team. We have Representative Martha McLeod, D-Franconia and Representative Tom Buco, D-Conway that will add more action from the floor and let us in on what the Righty enemy is doing to you and me. Our lone Marshal Representative Scott-Superman-Merrick will now have some assistance in feeding this political crackhead some tasty dish and I assure you, I will pass it on and won't varnish anything. Keeping with the New Hampshire tradition of volunteerism and not properly compensating our solons, I felt it best that all of our House Consultants don't get paid from us either. I think that is the most prudent course of action. If they have a problem with that then they will feel the wrath of the Liberal Patriot Blog!!! I'm sure we will be treated to many issues of interest from our legislative team from the Granite Block House. Their time is much appreciated!!!

I hope the Senate will have some hot button items tomorrow. Until then I have to go earn a living and do some research. Peace.

What in Tarnation! Those good for nuthin lay abouts! Why.. why.. I WANT MY $200 BACK. Calling off early! I don't get to call off early just because the they ain't no more trees to cut down! Those good fah nuthin varmits bettuh find sumpin to do...
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