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Monday, April 04, 2005

SB121 still breathing.

Our own elected whore to the special interest lobby, Senator John-Trollop-Gallus, has again shown his contempt for his constituancy and disregard for the clean drinking water while increasing his personal power and State intrusion in our supposed democratic form of local governance. Gallus voted for the SB121 after inferring to several concerned citizens, including Liberal Patriot blogoscyte Jon Easton, (posted below, and since I still don't know how to link these things , you being a Democrat won't mind scrolling down yourself I'm sure!) alluded to the fact that an Inexpedient to Legislate effectively killed the bill. NOT SO !!! I did warn you stalward party troopers that ITL is just a ploy to get the bills past committee and onto the floor. Gallus and his ilk use this ploy to the nines.This SB121 now moves to the House and it appears to have early, strong support. Jefferson cautioned us of the growing government and those seekign power and Gallus is the very purloiner of we the peoples rights to redress gumment, local sentment in public hearings and our planning boards regulating, or not regulating, our own communities. One more analogy proffered by Abraham Lincoln, "Any man can withstand adversity, the true test of a mans characted is his use of power". Gallus has shown a penchant to power and character traits similar to Saddam Hussein, Idi Ammin, Nathan Bedford Forrest and Adolph Hitler. All are big in real estate, increasing their own power and that of their special interest buddies and making the voices of reason, logic and dissention ever more disenfranchised. Gallus is keeping bad historical company. No respect from this disgruntled political junky. GET ACTIVE !!!

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