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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

The rundown.

Representative Scott Merrick will be testifying today, (actually he will be advising. Gene Chandler will be testifying {to the IRS and Federal Grand Jury}) to a Senate sub-committee on the forward thinking hemp program bill, HB55. This is the important bill that gives our state agriculture and clothing manufacturers another step up on foreign imports and allows more economic development at every level of the employment chain from the soil to the person that wears clothes. Merrick was instrumental in getting the lower House to pass this bill so he is the logical choice to speak to Gallus and his colleagues as to the benefits of HB55.

The lower House will be beefing it out tomorrow on the school ed bill and the State budget. Word from both sides is this will be interesting, tough debate and many hands will be raised to take credit for creating the metrics for solutions to the never ending problems of adequate education and State funding. Fred King is the one trying to grab most of the headlines after such a stagnant, flip-flopping political career up to this point ( to ITL or not to ITL, which will enhance my career?). It is about time he got off his crusty haunches and gave some positive direction to the MRC in the House. Lynch brainstormers have developed most of the specifics to these bills calculations and Fred-hole just moved a few terms around and dragged his feet a bit. Yeah, he's the go to guy. More off the floor as things develop tomorrow.

One interesting bill will be the youth bicycle helmet law requiring kiddies under 16 years of age to wear a helmet that goes to the Senate floor this week. If they don't don the safety device, they will be forced to do 200 hours community service with Gene Chandler. Now I'm all for safety and kids doing their time when they break the rules but I have to say here that the Righty methodology of "Live Free or Die" is not the way our MRC's rule the roost. Infringement, power grabbing, anti local control and anti public input and growing gumment are the true tools of the Rightguys. I'm sure we will see more examples such as these as we travel the long short road to the mid-terms. The trouble I got into for making my sweating opponents voting records available to more of the public last cycle was worth it. I love watching these guys make their own beds and end up short sheeting themselves. Voting records. Great stuff.

Finally, (whew, finally) it seems the Lynch team is suffering from a tragic case of amnesia and not learning from history. Linda Pepin and Angela Blaisdell must be cracking up with Herr Benson on his bulldozer with the volunteerism debacle. There is word that Lynch was singing from an old Benson press release last evening defending his own use of volunteers in his administration. It will all come out in the investigative wash called for by majority leaders. I hope spokes gal Pam Walsh can shed some light on this subject and I will certainly keep you posted on any new dish. I really think we need Jesse Ventura over here to straighten things out in good shape. VIGILANCE!!!

What the lynch "volunteerism debacle", I haven't heard about that.
Try this link. Ned Helms works for UNH and is also working for Lynch as a policy advisor. NH Insider had it yesterday and NHPR had some time this AM.
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