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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Rolling the dice.

Big Lou D'Allesandro had some tough hours in the Senate today. His beloved SB225 got its butt kicked up and down the floor but miraculously landed back in committee for re-reconsideration. This is a bill that will allow for about a million (not that many) one armed video slots to be placed at several but specific locations around the state including the 3 Grand Hotels and all the critter race tracks. The recent indictments of certain race track owners in the south did little to convince the nay-sayers that this bill is good for the State.
Co-sponsors Gallus and Charles Morse, R-Salem along with Big Lou are at least satisfied that after this bill got its jock knocked off, the few attempted amendments and lengthy discussion made the Senate vote for re-reconsideration back to Ways and Means intitially. Gallus and Big Lou sit on that committee so they should be taking a few of their colleagues out for a few steaks and lobsters no doubt on the gambling lobbyists tab, SHHH!
I really don't know what the beef is about this dealio. If the AG's office is issuing the licenses, and the specific location monitors the players, I think a potential hundred few million a year will help the kitty in the long run. There was some discussion of having a Texas Holdem type venue with a $500- limit per night per player. Now I don't think that would bring out many professional rounders but with thinking like that, I can't see the logic in the opposition if at least they are discussing another revenue source that isn't picking my pocket and that of the rest of the States Concerned Citizens. If it doesn't work out after a few years, repeal the thing??? Just one losing powerball players opinion. JACKPOT!!!

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