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Monday, April 04, 2005

Right to voting and reproductive choice.

This is one of those bills that makes it easier for both parties to track everything from when the last time you voted to, in some cases, what magazines get delivered to your home. I am against this thing with every ounce of Freedom of Expression in my body. ( A body, I might add that I've been told, is akin to the examples of physiques touted in Greek mythology) Anyhooo, HB154 goes totally against any semblance of Libertarian gumment and allows Senator Gallus and his bullies to further push their way into your lives. It takes away your right to remain an undeclared voter for at least 90 days after you declare your party affilliation at the primaries. Screw that!!! It has passed the House and is in Internal Affairs in the Senate with much support. I don't think this one will be found Inexpedient to Legislate. Gallus has already proposed and voted for legislation making it easier for his corrupt pork eaters to further increase their majority. So much for power to the people.

One more thing, Jon (our Jon) has an excellent link to legislation containing reproductive rights located on the home page of this fine media outlet to truth. Gallus ( the bad John) has voted for SB30. Another in the too few well thought out pieces of legislation that allows for pharmacies to opt into an emergency contraceptive program. Driving his ATV into your bedroom, nice. Now I wonder if Gallus et-al; ( or is that et-Herb) would allow for more kids and responsible adults to stay at their own homes due to unwanted pregnancies in lieu of funding emergency welfare funding and contraceptive education in schools??? I think not.

In case you have not noticed, I have taken up the cause of ridding our Good Granite Block House of the likes and dislikes of Senator John Gallus. This is bigger than me and it is no doubt part of my destiny. Wish me luck because this is for you too. I just might run against the entrenched solon. He is aristocracy and proper representation at its worst. RISE UP $$$

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