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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Quick glance

I hope you don't choke on your night time snacky of cake and ice cream reading this little gem. Our Conservative President Cheney oh sorry, Bush, has a record that will allow history to be very hard on him. Bush has yet to veto a spending package and he currently holds the record for driving this Country into the toilet with an unprecedented $2T that's two freekin trillion dollars of gumment debt of his own doing. Now this little figure is more than the previous 205 years combined. I'm here to tell you. From 1776 and prior to 1981, we had a palrty public debt of just over $1T. Since the first 4 years of the Dubyas reign, he managed to bring it to $7.8T. Again, over $2T of that is the self purported fiscal conservative W's responsibility. Goodness me. I think I'm going to either laugh or be sick. If we, the good citizens of this Country, paid $500M per day, not including interest, we would not be able to pay this debt down for 156 years. I'm no mathologist so I could be wrong but I do know that I don't have that kind of time. I also know that I don't want my street name to change to Mao Tse Dung { incorrect spelling is not my point here} highway since the Chinese are helping us borrow ourselves into oblivion. At least the Righties can't blame this on us since we don't hold anything except a majority of bad political strategy advisors. I think I'll get back to my ice cream and cake.

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