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Saturday, April 16, 2005

Progress??? A short rant...maybe.

We are hammered with crap in the mail and e-requests for us to get involved. Many more ask for our hard earned $$$. Yet coming up with a few examples of what a "new guy" deems as a problem or ways to fix same, is too often met with disdain or rejected out of hand or worse, talked about when the new guy isn't around adding to the covert actions of taudry politics. I may soon be (or already am) marked as a loud mouth, out spoken, maverick, crazy, I don't know...pick an adjective. I was told to get my feet wet and learn the process. Pay my dues, learn the ropes. Screw that. I have been watching politics for as long as I can remember in my 41 years on Gods Creation and all I know is the existing process blows. If I have ways to fix something, let us know or do the job myself. Well, I'm doing the job myself with help from many other few folks that think the current process blows. The more I learn the process, the more I see dead weight town chairs and town committees and state party leaders and House careerists and other obstructionists, that the people that already are up to their eyeballs with , and entrenched in, the process, are afraid to get rid of because the numbers won't look good to the State Heads and the National Committee. I may not be an astronaut (although some may argue that as well) but when I saw those 2 space shuttles blow up into a gajillion pieces, I knew someone didn't do their friggin job correctly. I may not know how to fix a space shuttle, but even my limited upper atmospheric experience brings me to believe another management team needs to be recruited. Just as we all see that the current Presidential administration, Federal leadership and our own Majority Righty Cowards in Concord needs to be changed. I don't think any of the regular 14 readers of this truth blog will argue with that.

I said I would lay off certain members of the party leadership and I will try. However, shortly after I was politely taken to the wood shed last P.M. for a pep talk, guidance and direction by a leader that I admire and have mad respect for, and is one of the main reasons I stick with the stigma of the dreaded "D", I got more than one e-chat about more than one chunk of party dead weight that won't move their ass and get informed and move the F*&%K out of the way for someone else to take the reigns and make progress. There is no "I" in team but there is one in Independent. See you at the polls. GET ACTIVE!!!

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