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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Notable quotables and ethics... a weekly rant

It seems that the will of the people isn't the will that is the stuff on the floor for debate and legislation. Travesties and misuse of power and hubris and arrogance and so many other dark adjectives that describe our elected officials and the process don't begin to lend a decent resolve to the problem. They are indeed just words. I look to folks like the crafters of our Countries future and they were more than willing to die for shit that was hitting the fan and have no compunction about doing so. Here's one. Nathan Hale, 29. I only regret that I have but one life to give for my Country. Words uttered just before the British hung the guy for being a spy and after his cousin ratted him out. No money from special interests to Hale. Just friggin Freedom.

That pecker head that sometimes comments about sending us to Iraq and hoping we get shot have no clue as the amount of crap that goes on with the people he keeps putting in office. He is probably some 30 something weeny still living with his mother and peeping kiddy porn while keeping his loud mouth bashing the very party trying to put sense back into our system and keep his mother supporting his diddler ass with food stamps and Social Security. Here's another good one for you from this century. You'll probably not love me for it but that's me. This is public recorded domain and does not require permish from the publishers but I thank Senator Coburn all the smae for his wisdom.

This taken from a 1999 floor debate on the omnibus spending bill from then Congressman Tom Coburn-very R- Oklahoma."I would love to have been in a room with our founding fathers, because while we talk about majority-minority parties, I am sure they did not talk about majority-minority parties. They talked about doing what is best for this Country regardless of what an individual's party says...It should be what is best for our Country, not what is best for our party. The Founding Fathers never once rationalized getting in power and having control so they could stay in power. What they said was, we are going to put this Union together and we are going to make it work because the people are going to have the integrity to do what is best for their constituents and they are going to have the vision to make sure that they do not make a short-run choice that sacrifices the long-run choice". Boy how tragic our gumment today.
Coburn is now a Senator and cannot make his party yet realize that shitbags like Delay and so many other Chandlers, Griffins ad-infinitum are the problem. P.J. Rourke once wrote that a Republican was complaining to him that government doesn't work. Now those same Righties are proving their own theory.

One more and I'll let you go back to sleep. This from the top of my head. "Cowardice asks the question, is it expedient? And vanity asks the question, is it popular? But conscience asks the question, is it right?" Martin Luther King, jr. Today we have nothing but political expedience to protect incumancies, too much vanity and hubris and no conscience asking if it is right, only if it is legal. Holy crap we have some in our own party loaded to the nines with ignorance and obdurate thinking. Our system is the best in the world and I have spent substantial time seeing the sun rise and fall in 8 different countries around the world. Some that I still have bad dreams about. The trouble is we let it get away from us and don't demand accountability for the Gallus's, Chandlers, Bass's, Hendersons, Bush's, Cheneys' Rumsfelds, the list is endless, and maybe includes the Theberges. Crap. I love that guy!!! If nothing else I hope the 9 regular readers of this blogo tell their freinds to get educated about the conglomerate system that is running away from us. We don't need to know every piece of 302(b) federal budget process or the HB55 hemps bill proposal but get to know where and what the solons are doing for you and to you. I have to go put my 2 fingers in ice water.

PEACE OUT. Much love.

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