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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Negraponte and 40 years of unvarnished truth.

Like I have said before, you can't make this shit up. The new up and coming Director of Planetary Secrecy, Atmospheric Bondage andEvangelical Espionage, John Negraponte has assured the Congress, the Senate and indeed C-Span viewers that "...the President deserves the unvarnished truth... with reference to September 11 and other tragedies, I have not seen such disorganized and incorrect intelligence in my 40 years of government service". Yeah Ambassador, and you have seen some varnished truth in your day. Actually, before his change of heart, Negraponte actually aided and abetted several coverups and violations not only of human rights but violations in the Arms Export Act. Remember Reagan? I do, God bless him in sharing the Lords throne. Of course now this is all alleged to anyone with a 3rd grade education. (Jarvis???)

After all of this unvarnished truth gets to the Co-Presidents Bush and Cheney, how come the American people don't get the same respect and regard with the truth tip being fed from this truly accountable oligarchy? The neverending pile of cheeze wiz covered manure the feed us is getting a bit old yet familiar tasting. Mmm, steak. I sometimes don't appreciate varnish coated, cheeze wiz covered truth from the Dubya and Dick Cheney administration. I wonder if the truth thing will catch on in the overloaded Righty regime down there? Nah. Probably not. Negraponte no doubt mis-underestimated and did some mis-spoken in his varnishing. Did I mention Washington Righty intelligence is alleged?

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