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Saturday, April 09, 2005

More equal rights action.

This issue will not go away and rightfully so. The Connecticut Courant has a story that continues to keep this broad equal rights issue on the front burner. Civil Unions may not be the most desired outcome but as a gay friend of mine recently said she "...will take what they get in baby steps and move on from there." By the way, how do all thesecool polls keep missing my house? Keep RISING UP!!!

I'm amazed that our cynical NH politicians haven't seized on the income potential from gay marriages or civil unions. We'd do just about anything to avoid enacting an income tax - think of the dollars that would flow into our state if we sanctioned gay marriage.

This is a civil rights issue. The Democratic Party sold our gay bretheren down the river in 2004. It's long past time for Democrats to get a spine, and draw some lines in the sand. We need to have values - but our leaders keep confusing that with religion. We'd go a long way with owning values like: civil rights, health care for all, and eradicating homelessness, hunger, and poverty.
Having a big old rock with the 10 Commandments on it isn't doing a blessed thing for anyone.
This should be an issue we shouldn't have trouble framing since the original Framers of the US Constitution have the issue all and well defined. Freedom, justice liberty for all. I guess I am reading a different dictionary and Constitution than the heads down in Concord. By the way, if I do run again, I will promise not to hold office for more than 2 terms in the lower House. A self imposed term limit so my good intentions don't get perverted and whored ( (or is that ho-ed) up by party allegiance and political expediency for my incumbancy. You heard it here first. I dare to have the Courage to lose big and courage not to fail and to win big. Not allowing crap like discrimination to be written into any legislation in New Hampshire will be one of my main goals. Sorry, I do tend to soap box but this is a very important issue to me. The long term implications of allowing discrimination against civil unions, gay marriage and other civil rights, to be written into the New Hampshire Constitution is reprehensible and very dangerous to the liberties we so often take for granted.

We won't let you become a whore. And you better run again! Don't make me come all the way to Stark to smack you.
Yikes. I'm on the ballot!
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