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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Littleton Home Dems

I just came back from a great meeting in Littleton with the Littleton Town Democrats. No big name party blow bags just working folks. This group is re-organizing and is all binezz. I had a piece of the best pecan nut bar I ever had and they asked me to have another piece I had to refuse. Look at me. I'm a house!!! Anyhooo, anyone interested in getting in on the ground floor of an organization that is going places for the people this is one group to start in with. All action, goal oriented and fun socializing while working a battle plan to get those 2 Righty House seats into the hands of working Dems. WAHOOO!!! I even got invited back to the next meeting, 17May2005, VFW Cottage street, 7P.M., and might let someone else get 4 words in edgewise. Hmmm. I do tend to steal the show. Look for this group to have their ducks in a row and be real tough players come election cycle for real grass roots, ground level up politics. I do think the 3 sleeping prehistoric goats on the selectboard will be meeting with no small resistance next town meeting only 10 short months away. Actually, maybe I'll kill that last half of cake and the rest of the ice cream here. Political crack does tend to bring an appetite. You go Littleton!!!

It was great to see some of the activists from the 2004 Pres Election coming out to revive the littleton dems! Scott Merrick will be speaking at the NEXT meeting!!
I was happy to see you guys there too! I tried to be active in the 04 Presidential stuff in both Littleton and Lancaster/Coos and this is just really exciting. Thanks for coming out and next time remember to bring a friend (not including Scott because he has to be there anyways!). :)
Well as far as friends go, Scott, Jon, Susan B and my dogs are about it since my new buds are going to be at the meeting anyway. Hmmm. I wonder if I can teach IVAN to use a pencil? Glad you're staying active Melissa. I hope to see the room packed next meeting. Peace.
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