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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Lighting up moose

Here is a sleeper bill that passed the House and hits the Senate floor today coming out of Gallus's Enviro and Wildlife committee as OTP. The HB107 allows for hours to illuminate moose with artificial lighting means to be extended but it does not specify whether you can light up those same moose with your 30-06. This is one co-sponsored by Gallus and it was intended to be implemented in Coos County supposedly to add to the "moose trails" and "moose watch" type tours. I'm thinking this is opening up a huge loophole for allowing jacking. I'm all for livin off da fat o the lan but I am probably not all for the hunting of sleeping moose. I will try to get more explicit wording and intent on this but if anyone already has a handle on the Fish and Game report issued to the House committee on Recreation, let us know and we'll post it here.

Hey - leave them moose alone!

I wonder if rousing slumbering moose will increase the numbers of motor vehicle/moose crashes.
Interesting point. I know there has been some exposure to that particular point from Fish and Game as of late. I think we should let sleeping moose lie. Or is that lay and sleeping Republicans lie? Hmmm. No, that's all Republicans lie and sleeping moose don't vote.
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