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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Hide Henry.

It was announced late yesterday that career politician Congressman Henry Hyde, R- Illinois, will not be seeking re-election next term. I think that is great. This guy was one of the driving forces to impeach President Clinton for conduct unbecoming. Hyde also had admitted his own extra marital dalliances but unlike then Heir to the unethical Gingrich speakership, and fellow Righty adulterer Bob Livingston, Hyde chose not to resign in the midst of the Righty witch hunt against the charismatic and generally swell guy, Bubba.

Several reasons were given by the Hyde camp as to his retirement to pasture and health is a concern. I hope the Congressman gets over his bouts with liabetes and deniabetes. These are 2 afflictions the Righties seem never to recover from.

This is the best news I've heard all day (so far). Now, even if the rest of my day goes South, I'll still write it off as a good day.
I'm glad to be the bearer of the news that makes a gals day brighter. One more note Melissa, Soon to be Mr. Hyde (Mr. Hyde???) was one of the loudest opponents to women's rights to medical and reproductive choice.
Not only does he hate women, but he hates condoms.

"Republican U.S. representative Henry Hyde of Illinois urged the Bush administration to reduce spending on global AIDS programs that promote condom use and boost spending on groups that specialize in abstinence education. The five-year, $15 billion President's Emergency Program for AIDS Relief already requires that one third of the U.S. global AIDS funds be spent on abstinence efforts. But Hyde, speaking during a House International Relations Committee hearing on PEPFAR said "too much federal money is being devoted to organizations that have historically promoted condom use."

from the advocate

As Judiciary Committee chairman, Hyde led bitter, partisan proceedings to impeach Clinton for lying under oath about a sexual affair with a White House intern.

Before his role in Clinton's impeachment, Hyde was known primarily as a staunch opponent of abortion. His name is on legislation that bars federal funding of most abortions.

Hyde's reputation was tarnished during the Clinton hearings when online magazine Salon reported that he had had an extra-marital affair with a married woman 30 years earlier, which he referred to as "youthful indiscretions."

from Reuters
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