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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Hemp update.

Representative Merrick advised the Senate Enviro Committee, of which Senator Gallus sleeps, yeasterday and Superscott said it went well. Gallus did not, however, give his full, unfettered support to this HB55. Word is that Gallus will cave to the prehistoric backward thinking of the Righty party as usual and it sounds like the law enforcement community is lobbying hard and is totally against this type of practical legislation for economic development and agricultural progress.

You may remember, and if you don't I'll remind you so you can tell your freinds, this HB55 passed the House although all Righties Richardson, Stohl, Morneau, King, Tholl, Remick voted against. Tholl and Stohl have law enforcement backgrounds. Frankly, I think if you enforce the law, you should not be making the law. I see a conflict here. PROGRESS!!!

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