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Monday, April 04, 2005

Hemp and economic development.

Many pols, including Herb Richardson R-Lancaster, espouse good jobs and economic growth for their bailiwicks. This has me very confused since Richardson was again assisted to office by Peter Riviere, director of Coos County Economic Development Corp. A purported non-profit, non-partisan organization created to help find jobs and recruit companies and entrepreneurs with innovative ideas to this North Country region. The hemp progam bill, HB55, did pass the House due in large part to the back bench, high balcony section, Democratic whip Representative Scott- wake up Mr. Remick- Merrick. As I said last week this is a very innovative, far reaching bill that allows agriculture to use fallow land and many New Hampshire companies now using hemp for their industry, to grow, sell and purchase hemp locally instead of from China and Canada. These 2 countries are fine I suppose but Herb and his confused lot want to keep the Chinese and Canucks fat on the tarriffs paid by our own agricultural professionals and industrialists using hemp for their manufacturing. Here is a breakdown of the voting for hemp.
Richardson, Tholl, Remick, Morneau, Stohl, King; NAY
Merrick, Lary, Mears, Theberge, Buzzell,; YEA

Incedentally, Riviere has managed to secure his pay check and other personal fiduciary compensation, and attatch his lips around the never ending nourishment from the left rear teat of the golden tax payer funding cow, due in large part to the fact that he sold his soul to the politicos of the Right that include the Congressional Prince of Pork Charlie- what is PTSD ?-Bass along with Richardson, Tholl, Stohl and King. (sounds like a corrupt law firm but it is only a few of your seemingly corrupt legislators)I used to have mad respect for Peter as well but his path is the same that the Gallus ATV is driving down loaded with Righty hacks and special interest lobbyists.
I'm still confused as to why 6 of 7 North Country Righties voted to keep the overdue hemp industry in China and not here in our own back yard? Very interesting indeed. Look in the papers and you will no doubt soon see a trip to the Far East that includes Peter and his merry tax payer funded pork sucking, oxygen thieving bunch. They already went to Canada and the United Kingdom on your dime although they'll tell you PSNH paid for that.
"The definition of a good Representative does not necessarily include mandatory fiscal responsibility in every other district except their own." Senator Tom Coburn R-Oklahoma.

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